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We're for student success

We have over ten years of experience using technology and behavioural science to help individuals and families adopt positive habits. Learning is a skill. Using the right strategies helps students learn faster and achieve their academic goals with less stress.

Doing well at senior high school exams requires more than great teachers and engaging content. Students need to use practical study skills and manage anxiety, but many students struggle to do this.

  • Around 82% of senior high school students use ineffective study habits.

  • Around 40-50% of senior high school students report high anxiety leading up to their exams.


These have negative consequences such as lower results, poor mental health, low engagement and dropout. 


We want every high school student to use the right strategies and habits to help them achieve their academic goals with less stress.

Introducing Eggion

Eggion uses proven science behind high-impact study techniques, such as goal theory and interval learning. To create a personalised program that:

  • Creates efficient study timetables that factor in a student's priorities, subjects and lifestyle. 

  • How to guides for high-impact study techniques.

  • Tips on maintaining your learning, energy and well-being.

We've hit a few milestones

  • 2017, Swinburne University of Technology undergraduate 3rd-year business class used Eggion as a new business case study.

  • 2018, La Trobe University 3rd-year technology students joined Eggion as part of an integrated workplace learning program.

  • 2019, Won a place in Impact Academy's 10th Accelerator Program.

  • 2020, Eggion launched — an easy-to-use web app that creates personalised high school study timetables. ​

  • 2021, Evolved Eggion to engage and guide students to adopt high-impact study habits

  • 2022, Getting ready for the next phase.

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Be optimistic.

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