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There's more to life than study. Our study plans and advice encourage you to make time for the things you love, not just study!

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In ten minutes, you can turn "I can't do it, it's overwhelming" into "I'm ready to go!"

Creating Your 
Study Plan 

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Tell us a little about yourself.

Your study plan should balance your goals and lifestyle. Eggionasks you questions about your life, subjects and priorities.

Step 2: Give us a minute.

Eggion's learning science algorithms to create your personalised study timetable.

Step 3: It's study time.

Eggion adds the schedule to your Google Calendar. Plus, we'll help keep you motivated with reminders, challenges and helpful study tips. 


Better Results. Less Stress.

Using personalised learning science

It's quick. It's easy.