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eggion helps you study more efficiently and get more done.
Create your personalised study timetable with eggion's quick and easy process 
  1. Select your subjects
  2. State your subject priorities
  3. Define your off limits times
  4. We create your personal timetable

It's quick. It's easy.

A study plan helps you achieve your goal

#1 Set yourself a goal

  • You’re more likely to achieve it

  • One that's a bit of a stretch

  • Tell someone you respect

#2 Have a balanced study timetable

  • One that balances study, life and learning science

#3 Sticking to your timetable

  • Our reminders & top tips aim to help you stay on track

  • If the timetable is not quite right just create a new one

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Take control with a study timetable

Having a good study plan can reduce your stress because it gives your study structure.


  • know when to study

  • what subject to study

  • when to take a break

  • have a balanced, healthy lifestyle 

We've built in proven learning science to help you study efficiently.

Four steps to a personalised study plan

It's as easy as this with eggion with learning science built in. Click the screen image to see the steps.

   #1 Select your subjects

   #2 State your subject priorities

   #3 Define your off limits times, like

  • sleep & social

  • exercise & school

   #4 Your personal timetable ​is created

  • study is broken into short sessions

  • smart breaks are added

  • study is balanced over the week

  • reminder notifications turned on

Creating a smart study timetable with learning science built is easy with eggion and helps you study efficiently, stay on track and revise with confidence.

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