Studying smarter, not harder

Create a personalised study schedule, that factors in your goals, lifestyle, subjects and learning science.


Included are study reminders and proven study tips to help you stay on track and study with confidence.

It's quick. It's easy.

Boost Your Grades

Without burning out

Achieve Your Goals

Following your personalised study plan and using the proven study tips and habits could significantly improve your grades, without burning out.


We estimate that a student with average grades and inefficient (most comm) study habits could boost their grades by up to 33%*.  That’s the difference between a C and a B+.

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Better results, less stress

Less Stress

Better results

Better Results
A focused brain learns faster than a tired one. The study plans we create use scientifically-proven techniques to help keep your mind fresh an improve grades.

Less Stress

In ten minutes, we turn "I can't do it, it's overwhelming" into "oh my gosh, I'm ready to go!"

A Balanced Life

There's more to life than study. Our study plans and advice encourage you to male time for the things you love - so that you can enjoy yourself.

Your Science-Backed

Study Plan 

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Tell us about yourself

Your study plan should fit your life. We'll ask you some questions about your life, your subjects and your priorities.

Step 2: Give us a minute

Our timetable algorithms go through hundreds of options to determine one that helps you study efficiently.

Step 3: It's study time

We'll add the plan to your Google Calendar. Plus we'll help keep you motivated with reminders, challenges and study advice. 


Did You Know?

81 percent students in Australia want a tertiary education
Of students want a tertiary education
Of Year 12 students suffer from clinical anxiety
Of Year 12 students suffer from clinical anxiety
Only around 16% of students use effective study habits
Only 16% of students use effective study habits

Better Results, Less Stress

It's not magic, it's proven science

It's quick. It's easy.