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I want to study, but I keep putting it off. Can Eggion help me?

You're not the first person who has had trouble sitting down to study.

Eggion can help. It creates a personalised revision timetable that selects what to subject study, decides when to study and then breaks your study into achievable blocks and rest breaks.

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My exam is three weeks away. Can you help me?

Yes. Eggion can create a balanced study plan that makes the most of your available study time.

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What do you mean by "science-backed" study plan?

Eggion uses:

  • Insights from psychology to create a study plan you're more likely to follow.

  • Discoveries from cognitive research to help keep your mind fresh - so that you can learn more in less time.

  • Alerts to help you stay on track.

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How many hours a week will I study using Eggion?

When you create your plan, Eggion asks how many hours a week you want to spend on each subject. We'll make a suggestion based on what other people do, but you decide. 

If your plan is too easy or too challenging, you can quickly create a new one.

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Who can Eggion help?

Our study timetable, tips and challenges are helpful for students from from first-year high-schoolers to university undergraduates.

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How do I pay for Eggion?

If it's not a free trial, we accept common debit and credit card payments.


Visit our plans and pricing page for more information.

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Study Advice

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What are your top study tips?
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  • Limit study to a few hours a day.

  • Really focus when studying.

  • Start revising as early as possible.

  • Look after yourself - sleep well, exercise, spend time with friends and family, eat and drink healthily.

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What are some common study mistakes ?
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Here are two common ones:

  • Putting it off  -  starting helps reduce stress​.

  • Not taking enough breaks - short breaks increase the ability to concentrate.​

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When should I start studying for my exams?
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The sooner you begin, the better your results are likely to be. 

If you’ve left study to the last minute, don’t give up. Some study is better than no study!  You can make the best of the time you have left by keeping your mind fresh and alert. We suggest you:

  • Take regular study breaks.

  • Choose several short sessions over one long one. 

  • Keep a good study-life balance. 

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What should I do during my study break?
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Whatever you like as long as your mind isn't in study mode!

We suggest using study breaks to relax or complete chores. 

A study break is your brain’s time to absorb, so try to avoid tasks that are mentally or emotionally taxing. 


Existing Customers

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How do I access eggion and create my study timetable?
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You can access the member’s area by logging in at eggion.com, or by clicking this link:

Once you're in the Member's Area, click "Create Your Study Timetable" to create a study plan.

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Why do you need access to my Google Calendar?
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Google Calendar is where we set up your personalised study plan. We need permission to access the calendar, to schedule your study and to set reminders. 

Eggion is approved for access by Google, but only if we have your consent.

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What if I don't have a Google account?
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Setting up a Google account is free and easy. 

  • Once you’ve set up your account, we'll send your study timetable to your Google Calendar. If you don't want to use Google Calendar, that's okay.


  • You can access your Google Calendar on popular apps like Outlook and Apple Calendar. Visit Google Calendar Help for instructions.

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What should I do if I don't know the exam date?
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In that case, we recommended that you enter the the last day of the month of the month you expect your last exam to be in.

When you know the confirmed last exam date you can easily create a new timetable.

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