Helping High School Students Achieve Their Goals 

Our Story

We saw first hand how anxiety and burn out impacted students' well-being and grades. We talked to high-school students about study. The conversations were surprising. 


We met many students who wanted to go to university, but avoided study because they found it overwhelming. Also, we met students who pushed themselves too hard, stressed and risked burning out.

We know there are proven techniques to schedule study and actually study that optimise grades without jeopardising well-being. This would help students, parents and communities and is why we started eggion.

In 2019, we won a place in Impact Academy’s 10th Accelerator Program that helped move out thinking along. 

Introducing Eggion

In 2020 our vision became a reality. We launched eggion — an easy-to-use web-app that creates personalised study plans.


Eggion study plans are designed to give students the best possible shot at academic success.  We use our knowledge of psychology and cognitive science such as goal theory, MAP and time-management to schedule study in a way that feels manageable and can help to keep students motivated. 


Does creating a study plan with all of these factors sound complicated? It is! Luckily, we do it for you!  An eggion study plan takes 10 minutes to set up. Then you can get to work with confidence.

Passion led us here
Be optimistic.

Meet The Team





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